You Are Advised To Go Beyond This Point

by Jan Michal Lucki, August 13th, 2021

I've enjoyed the more structured approach to writing the scrawls this week. I've got several projects on the go. I'm revising and editing a short story, I'm chipping away at the draft of my first novel, and I'm developing an open source ODM for DynamoDB called Spark (which this blog runs on). I'm also planning on launching another blog, one which will focus more on technical and web development subjects such as the aforementioned ODM.

As such, but not entirely due to, I take a long time to write and finish anything. My short stories can take months (and admittedly sometimes years) to write, so I don't get to share things very often. I've always found sharing to be very important, however. I don't think I'm ever as inspired to write as I am right after I've shared and received feedback for something I've written. Sharing these snippets has recaptured some of this. No one will know you're a writer if you don't share anything, and with this Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule for the scrawls, I have something to share a little more often than once in a blue moon.

See you next week!

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