Privacy Policy

This website doesn't track you. It doesn't store or share any of your browsing habits. There's no ads, marketing, or analytics scripts running on this website.


There are only two cookies on The Old Saw.

The PHPSESSID cookie is used by PHP (the language that this website is built on) to store state data about the session. This is a temporary cookie that will be removed when your session expires or you close your browser.

The TheOldSawLoginCookie is a preference/functionality cookie that will only appear when you are logged in, if you have selected the "Remember me" option.


User accounts are used solely for:

  • Logging in and out
  • Adding, editing, deleting comments
  • Subscribing to notifications

Email addresses are never revealed or shared, and accounts can be deleted at any time through the Account section. All account data is erased when the account is deleted. Comments can be optionally retained, however the author byline will be replaced by an Anonymous author instead.