Welcome to my weblog! My name's Jan, I'm a web developer by day, and when I can eke out the time, I like to write. Lately, I've been putting effort into consistency. I'm trying to turn this hobby into a habit. I'm doing better, and this website is a big part of that.

There are a few sections to the site, as outlined below. I hope you enjoy your stay!


This is the blog. I may post here about thoughts I've had, or news I'm interested in, or anything really. Mostly it relates to the various things I write about.


Scrawls are akin to fragments found of a longer work. They are generally one scene, or one event. Some of them, like Into Namarhel, string together to form a story. They tend to be short and sweet. I post a new one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


This section contains links to stories I've written. There's only one there, for now.