The Scrawls, Once Excerpts

by Jan Michal Lucki, December 23rd, 2020

Once upon a time, I created a compendium for a world that only existed in my mind. It was my first website; a collection of myths, rumours, histories and other descriptions of that world. There was a map, a timeline, and a section called Excerpts.

The idea was a simple one. I would write just one or two sentences every day for two reasons: 1) To write every day. 2) To update the website every day. I was recently able to unearth that site from my archives, and through a little software archaeology get it running again locally. I wanted to see what I had done with those excerpts.

Long story short, the idea was good, but the execution was poor. The excerpts often didn't convey any imagery, didn't arouse any of the senses, and sometimes seemed like random words strung together to fill a space. I can't be too hard on myself, I was just beginning my writing journey.

The Scrawls are an evolution of those excerpts. They're a little longer and spaced a little further apart, but the basic idea is the same. Random little snippets, with minimal revision, to keep myself writing, and keep the site active. The first one of those is now written: Annotation 1.

As for the rest of the Broken Lands, well… that particular moniker was always temporary, and let's just say I'm still writing.

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