Some Revisions

by Jan Michal Lucki, January 19th, 2015

The other day, I finally posted Chapter 2.

I'd been hoping to have it done before Christmas, but obviously that didn't happen. I have since made a few small changes and fixes to the chapter so that it might appear a little less raw. Surprisingly I found no typos. Typically I find at least one glaring typo with every read, no matter if it's read number ten, twenty or thirty, but I'm sure they're still there, lying in wait.

I've also made some minor revisions to the Prologue. Karenna's state during her trials is made a little more obvious, and the very last line has been improved, I think. Also, the position of Priestess of the Fourth Rank has been renamed to Priestess of the Fourth Order.

Chapter 1 has also had a few modifications done. Kaed's motivation to join the group has been cleared up, though not by a lot as I mean to explore this in later chapters, and other smaller changes have been made, and certain areas tightened. If you don't want to reread the whole chapter, this is the most notable change:

“You are welcome to stay, Kaed Malerienne, but I have purchased your freedom from Maeel. If you choose to remain behind, I will have him return my payment and I will find another who is more accommodating to our cause.” Oereteus did not move. “Is that your wish?”

These do still remain drafts. Drafts that I've spent a fair bit of time editing, but drafts nonetheless. There are larger changes needed for both the Prologue and Chapter 1, but that will come later. As for the rest, Chapters 3 and 4 are drafted (first drafts), and later chapters are in various stages of outlines, notes, and fragments. No matter the length between postings here, I'm still writing, and the story will come out, in parts, when they are done.

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