by Jan Michal Lucki, August 21st, 2013

It goes without saying that the version of the prologue posted right now (and the chapters that will be following suit) is still a draft. It's the sixth or seventh draft, but a draft nonetheless. It is just at a point where I am happy to share it, gain feedback, and continue with the story.

There will come a time for revisions, and edits, and rewrites, and tweaks. I will disclose any such updates here in the web log (except maybe small grammatical/spelling corrections, and other such small details). If anything changes plot wise (which I'm hoping it won't as that part is outlined down to the epilogue, though who knows what will happen once it's written) I will disclose that here too, in case anyone is actually following the story along, and the plot is not lining up.

Here's to crafting a coherent story!

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