Blurb Draft

by Jan Michal Lucki, June 16th, 2014

I once wrote about trying to write a blurb in the past. I keep coming back to my blurb, and every time I get a little bit more of it done. It's finally done, but I still don't like it. It oversimplifies the story. It's cliché. It reveals too much. It reveals too little. I don't know how to strike a balance.

A blurb is supposed to hook the reader. I don't know if this does that. Thankfully, a lot of readers seem skip the blurb (I do, too), and just read the first few lines of the book to get an idea of the story. If this doesn't hook them, the blurb probably won't either.

My efforts were not for naught, I guess. I have a blurb, at last. Here it is, for better or worse. Let's call this a draft, too. I'll probably revisit this and keep changing it until it becomes something I at least have lukewarm feelings for.

BELIOS, DHAGON, KAED, AND THORN have been hired by the Church of the Sovereign to hunt down a relic lost for centuries. The mercenaries must travel NORTH from the city of REVEURN, beyond the borders of the Kingdom of LUREENE, and into long forsaken lands that monsters of legend now call home. In the mean time, OERETEUS, a Paladin of the Sovereign, must make preparations for the relic’s return to REVEURN, but a new short-stayed arrival to the city, a huntress by the name of MERELIANNE, changes everything. As the mercenaries travel NORTH, their journey takes them to the CITY OF COUNTLESS NAMES and beyond, where the monsters they must face do not always bear claws, scales, or fangs. They have one clue to follow, one man who has made the relic his life’s work: LUTEL OREDEMEN. Only he can answer where the relic might be, why it was lost, and why it needs to be found.

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