Act II - Nearing Completion

by Jan Michal Lucki, January 14th, 2022

Back to Into Namarhel - Act II this week with an extra entry for that time I missed one all those months ago. How is it already 2022? This week has slipped through my hands as well, I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday, but I've still managed to be reasonably productive. Here are this week's updates:

  • Monday - The Winding Road
  • Wednesday - Legacies
  • Thursday - The Tear in the Fabric
  • Friday - At Rest

I've not linked the later scrawls because this story is nearing the end of Act II, and I'd rather not link to something that might be considered a spoiler! To read Into Namarhel from the beginning, start with No Way Back, otherwise, scroll down to the bottom of that page for the latest entries in Act II.

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